Cloud service for multi-language media distribution to smartphones

infoGrove is a cloud service specially designed for media-based promotion to smartphones.

The service distributes multi-language capable contents to user smartphones associated with location of the user. The location and time of content distribution can be set freely by the information provider.

Simply shake the phone

End-user can get information simply by
shaking smartphone!

Multi-language service

Information is delivered that matches
the smartphone language setting.

Capture User activities

Capture End-user activities.
Improve service with this information.

infoGrove Case Studies

infoGrove implementation examples are described here.
Case studies will be added as they become available.

Simple to use

The use is simple. Rest be assured that implementation is simple
and you need not be a PC expert.

Product Specifications

Here is an introduction to infoGrove features

Service Fee Plans

No need for extra hardware! Low cost to implement!
Check out the service fee plans and how to get started.



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    For current infoGrove users,
    Before sending your inquiry, please check our FAQ, maintenance and system outage information.

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