Ease distribution of multi-language contents to smartphone via infoGrove

Prepare multiple language contents and the correct content will be distributed to match the language setting of the user’s smartphone.

Simple to use

First, prepare images or video that you wish to distribute to smartphone. Upload the content using the management console, select the distribution location and time and the information distribution can begin.


Register media (image, video, PDF)


Select time and location



infoGrove for iPhone
infoGrove for Android

infoGrove App is free to download and use. Available for iPhone and Android.
Information distributed from infoGrove service can be obtained using this App.


Product Specificaitons

■ infoGrove

Usable media

Capable to upload a maximum of 500MB and 200 slides per one media (total of video and other contents)
Capable of file capacity for video and other media (png, jpg, pdf etc.)
Video 200MB per file, 180 sec. per file
Other 10MB per slide

Contents compatible file

Compatible with media formats used in general web, consumer and professional services.
Examples are 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2.

Web Browser

Following system are required for contents creation screen and contents distribution operation.
1) Recommended OS: Windows 7 and above, MacOS 10.13 and above
2) Compatible browsers: Chrome Latest 2 version、Firefox Latest 2 version, Safari Latest 2 version(Mac), Edge Latest 2 version(Windows)
3) Adobe® Flash Player 32 and above (as os Dec. 2018)
4) Resolution
Using conventional features 1024 x 768 and higher
Using touch-contents features 1280 x 800 and higher

■ infoGrove for iPhone、infoGrove for Android

Recommended environment

iPhone: iOS 9.0 and above
Android: 5.0 and above

Usage fee plans

There are three types of fee plans to match your needs.
Please inquire to find the best starting plan if you are thinking about using this service.
This service is currently available only in Japan.

■ infoGrove

Plan Name




# of shakes per month *1




# of distribution location spots




# of media uploads *2




Storage capacity




Price (monthly charge, excluding tax) *3

5,000 yen

30,000 yen

300,000 yen

*1 About exceeding the contracted # of shakes per month: For the first month that exceeds the “contracted # of shakes per month”, you will be allowed to use up to three times the “contracted # of shakes per month” without additional charge. However, starting the following month, contents distribution will stop at the “contracted # of shakes per month.” Please be sure to review and change your plan accordingly if the # of shakes exceed the limit allowed for your current plan.
*2 You can upload up to 500MB per one media with up to 200 slides (total for video and others). The upper limit for video and other (png, jpg, pdf etc.) per file are as follows. Video 200MB per file, 180 sec. per file Other 10MB per slide
*3 This pricing is only fro inforGrove service. The pricing does not include any charges for “customized installation work”, “hardware” or “contents production.”
*4 This service is provided according to the terms of the “infoGrove service - Cloud Service Usage Agreement”. Please confirm and agree to the terms of this service at(https://console.i-grove.com/policy/basic)when you apply for this service.

Applying for service

Please complete the application for infoGrove services and mail the copy to, Send application to infoGrove Service Desk.
*Please use the “inquiry button” if you have any questions regarding the application for the service.


Download applicaiton

Please complete the required information and send it back to us.


Sending application (Fax, postal service or mail)

N.Gen will send the invoice to you.



Please wire the indicated payment amount.


Confirmation of set up completion

When your payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you to confirm the completion of account set up.


Starting the use of service

Please start the service using the Login ID and Password indicated in the account set up completion email.


infoGrove service also provides API. You can embed the infoGrove features into your current App.
Please inquire about the details of this service.

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